I read councillor Hitchiner's letter (July 8) with dismay.

He feels the need to shout about what the council is doing for Hereford. It is already evident they have delivered congestion, pollution, potholes, weeds, rubbish, empty shops and high council tax.

He wants to reach out to those disappointed by the bypass cancellation and forge alliances. According to councillor Harrington this is to be achieved by better partnerships with bus operators, exemplar walking and cycling lanes and safe routes to schools.

Better examples would be exemplar bypasses and ring roads like every other town along the A49. He says we must hurry up with the second river crossing to Rotherwas to give Hereford much needed resilience. Well good luck with that.

Jonathan Jackson says overpopulation and amounts consumed are not closely related. He asks who are we to dictate to others how many children they should have but he thinks it's okay to dictate whether others should eat meat or not.

The earth's resources for all creatures great and small are not infinite. The laws of nature will ultimately only sustain genres of population which do not upset the balance between supply and demand.

This lesson has been demonstrated throughout history.

Garry Cullen


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