As we all have, I’ve read with interest and a certain amount of frustration, about the ongoing debate over bypasses/link roads/bridges around Hereford.

Perhaps selfishly, what I’m more interested in is solving the traffic problem along the Haywood Lane, aka the current link road between the A49 and A465 to the south of the city.

Haywood Lane is a small road where most drivers seem to think the 40mph limit doesn’t apply to them and the amount of very large HGVs thundering along it is very worrying indeed.  

Something needs to be done to prevent HGVs using Haywood Lane, making it no access for greater than 7.5 tonne vehicles would be a good start and the enforcement of the 40mph limit would be something.

Given the amount of residential housing very close to the edge of the road (including mine) I happen to think a 30mph limit would be more appropriate and/or speed reduction measures at the very least before someone gets killed walking along it (as I do every day).

But then, most of this would be solved with a Southern Link road joining the A49 and A465. Now there’s an idea……

Paul Jiggins

Haywood Lane


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