TWO students at a Herefordshire secondary school have tested positive for coronavirus, with other students sent home to self-isolate.

Wigmore School, in north Herefordshire, said two year 10 students had reported positive results after a rapid Covid-19 test, designed to find asymptomatic cases.

The tests, which give a result within 30 minutes, have been used by secondary school and college pupils since January to try and limit the spread of coronavirus.

If a positive result is shown, people need it confirmed by a more reliable PCR test, which is processed by a laboratory.

Wigmore School executive headteacher Rob Patterson said on Thursday that the first positive result meant "more disruption to learning" and all close contacts had been told to self-isolate.

"On the previous three occasions that this has happened, the subsequent PCR test has returned as negative, so we are hopeful that the disruption will be a short one," he said.

"However, with cases rising across the country then we need to remain vigilant and current guidance requires us to act in this way."

Then on Friday, Mr Patterson said a second case had been found.

"Sadly, I have to report that a second year 10 student has tested positive via a lateral flow test this morning," he said.

"As a result, a number of additional students have been contacted to self-isolate who are close contacts of this case.

"Furthermore, our case identified yesterday (Thursday) in year 10 has now tested positive for Covid-19 via a PCR test.

"The second case was identified as a close contact of the first. All students now self-isolating will receive a separate letter shortly detailing the length of self-isolation needed.

"It is clear that coronavirus has been in the high school this week and I would ask you please to be vigilant with your children