A CORONER said an injury suffered on a Herefordshire farm 40 years earlier 'exacerbated' an illness which led to a man's death.

George Percival Goodwin, aged 82, was living at West Eaton Care Home in Leominster when he died in March.


Doctor Peter McKay said that in 1979 Mr Goodwin had been brought to hospital having been struck on the forehead from straw bale which had dropped from an elevator at his farm at Ivington resulting in a spinal injury.

He was treat at Smethwick Hospital but Dr McKay said he was left in a 'partially disabled state for some years'.

Mr Goodwin also had a hip replacement years later.

In the years before his death Mr Goodwin was cared for at West Eaton Care Home.

Herefordshire coroner Mark Bricknell recorded a narrative conclusion at Hereford Town Hall.

He said that the cause of death was from a respiratory infection.

He also noted the spinal injury and diabetes he suffered.

"I should note his injury," said Mr Bricknell.

"At the time of death he was aged 82 and the accident happened more than 40 years ago.

"He was able to return to light work. His illness if not caused by chronic inability, it was exacerbated by it.

"He continued to be a farmer."