A TALENTED footballer was killed when he was hit in the road by an oncoming car, an inquest heard.

Peter Lamb, who played football for Hinton FC, died in the incident on the A438 in Whitney-on-Wye on Sunday, August 9.

An inquest at Hereford Town Hall was told that Mr Lamb, of Rogers Avenue, Hereford, was a passenger in a Honda.

His friend, Matthew Ingram, had been driving the car back to Hereford when Mr Lamb asked him to pull over at the side of the road for a toilet break shortly before 1am.


The Honda had been towing a boat that Mr Lamb and his friends had taken to Tenby on the previous day.

The inquest was told that Mr Lamb and his friends had been fishing, eating and drinking alcohol throughout the day on the boat.

Toxicology results showed that Mr Lamb had 413 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood.

Mr Ingram described Mr Lamb as "wobbly" when he left the car because of the alcohol he had drunk.

Mr Ingram said: “I went around the front of the car and said, ‘Hurry up, there’s a car coming’.

“He decided to go around the back of the boat, and I didn’t see him again.”

Constantin Chifu was driving a Skoda Octavia in the opposite carriageway towards Brecon.

He told the inquest on Wednesday (June 30) that he had not seen Mr Lamb but stopped after feeling that he had hit something.

PC Simon Yuile, collision investigator, said Mr Chifu had remained in his lane and that Mr Lamb was "already lying in the road" before the impact.

"It couldn't be established what caused Mr Lamb to be lying in the road," said PC Yuile.

Herefordshire coroner Mark Bricknell recorded a verdict of death as a consequence of a road traffic collision.

“At that point of the night he was travelling home and a decision was made to stop to urinate, and he left the vehicle," said Mr Bricknell.

“The driver would have great difficulty seeing him on an unlit road with Mr Lamb wearing no reflective clothing.

“The lights on the Honda would have made it more difficult to see Mr Lamb.

“Unfortunately, Mr Lamb was struck and he suffered unsurvivable injuries. He was dead almost instantly after being struck.

“After enjoying a good day out his friends, sadly, Mr Lamb was involved in the crash and lost his life."