HEREFORD sisters Mathilda and Charlotte Hodgkins-Byrne have been selected to represent Great Britain in Rowing at Tokyo 2020, and are setting their sights on bringing a medal home.

Mathilda, 26, and Charlotte, 24, have rowed since 2011, starting at Hereford Rowing Club within a couple of weeks of each other.

Charlotte said she was just the "annoying little sister" copying Mathilda, wanting to follow in her footsteps as she was really enjoying it.

They both had rowing as a hobby during college, but it was no goal of either Mathilda or Charlotte to turn professional until the option arose.

Charlotte said: "I did my first international event in 2014 at the Junior World Championships. I always wanted to compete at a high level, but I never thought I'd be an Olympian."

Mathilda added: "I never really realised, and I don't think I do now that it is my real job. I got through the youth levels, and just got swept away with it to be honest."

The nature of rowing selection comes within the training of the team, so the pair had a good idea that they would be chosen for Tokyo, but the fact they will be Olympians next month has not yet sunk in.

Mathilda said: "I think the Olympics will be something to look back on and to admire once it's happened. Obviously we are so focused on training that we cannot really take it all in.

"We both want one thing going to Tokyo, and hopefully we can bring a medal home."

The Olympics begin in Tokyo, Japan, on July 23.