I would like to thank all the people who stopped and helped when I tripped over in Ryelands Street, Hereford, on Friday morning around 8.30am.

Special thanks to the lady who works at Sainsbury's, who called the ambulance, and the lady who works at Lord Scudamore. They both waited until the ambulance came.

The paramedics and hospital staff were super.

However, the pavements and roads around the side streets of Whitecross Road are a nightmare for pedestrians. The surfaces can be quite uneven and I feel it is compounded by the digging up of pavements for the laying of internet cables.

I hope when all the work has been completed that all pavements get given a new flat surface to make it safe for pedestrians.

If the council wants a greener city it should make the pavements even to encourage people to walk.

Hilary Healey

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