SEVERAL Herefordshire footpaths have been closed due to a number of issues, including damaged bridges and steps.

Herefordshire Council said one of the public footpaths, in Brierly near Leominster, shut on Wednesday (June 9) due to a damage flight of steps.

It said the footpath ZC86 from the village, past Brierly Court and to the bridleway, was expected to be closed until repairs were made, but the order was in force for up to 12 months.

Towards the Shropshire border, a footpath in Brimfield was also closed earlier this week.

Herefordshire Council said footpath BF1, from the end of Wyson Lane into Shropshire, was closed due to erosion, and could remain closed for up to six months.

Footpath NC16, which crosses the Pig Street to Norton Canon road north of Staunton-on-Wye, was also shut on Wednesday.

In the notice, Herefordshire Council said the closure – lasting up to six months – was required due to a damaged footbridge.

No alternative routes were said to be available.