I AM exasperated by the constant bleating from climate fanatics towards people for using their cars.

For many people car use is necessary due to their location, health or personal circumstances.

In fact, there are published views that the benefits of fossil fuel use greatly outweigh the climate-related costs.

Reports on climate research and modelling have previously said that climate is chaotic and cannot be predicted.

There are many so called climate change adherents who contribute to the ongoing debate without necessarily being knowledgeable about the central issues.

A compromise on climate change among the misinformed is not worth much.

The biggest contributor to global warming and universal to humanity is overpopulation.

Apart from China, governments worldwide are actively encouraging population growth.

Population growth is being increased by encouraging birth rates and immigration.

This they anticipate will eventually lead to an increase in future tax revenues.

The increased tax revenues are required to meet forthcoming financial obligations to the larger populations they are creating, and so it goes on.

The climate fanatics appear oblivious to this fact and would be happy to engender a population of sack-wearing vegetable-eating pedestrians.

Garry Cullen