HEREFORD city centre's bull statue has featured in many a photo, and often acts as a gathering point for groups.

But it has divided opinion on review site Tripadvisor.

For some, the bull statue is the perfect representation of the county's long association with cattle.

"A superb statue of the world famous Hereford breed of cattle, worth a look," wrote Steve57C from Dudley.

FredBreviewer agreed, writing: "Hereford itself is a lovely city with a good splash of independent traders. The bull statue is most appropriate given that the breed is named after the city (or vice versa - not sure). Gives a sense of the agricultural area."

But for others, the significance of the breed to Herefordshire appears to have been lost.

"A lot of bull?" Wrote Roger W from Cirencester in 2019.

"Somehow, I was rather surprised to see a statue of a bull. There was a brief explanation, but maybe more could have been made of it, to give more meaning?"

Karl R from Birkenhead was equally baffled.

"While walking around Hereford we stumbled across the statue," he wrote.

"We knew nothing about it and there weren't any signs to explain what relevance it has to the city. Kids where climbing on it, which didn't allow my family and I to have a good look.

Some, like sheepygold from London, are just plain unimpressed.

"A Ronseal statue," they wrote.

"This statue 'does what it says on the tin'. It is a bull and could not be mistakened for . It is not a great statue and it is rather overshadowed by The Old House."

And some reviews are just downright weird.

"I love this monument," wrote Beatrice C.

"It's a beautiful display of modern life. Its fur is as soft as cotton to rub your hands upon. However he does make a lot of noise and disrupts our scenic walks. I have seen him running at toddlers, I think this is an amazing use of the tax payers money!"