SOCIAL media giant Facebook has failed to remove scam profiles posing as Hereford's Beefy Boys.

Facebook profiles posing as the Old Market burger shop appeared on Facebook four days ago, under the name Thè Beefy Boys.

The fake profiles have been sharing posts from the real Beefy Boys Facebook page and offering competitions requiring people to sign up using a link.

When clicked, the link does not lead to the Beefy Boys website but instead to another site asking people to register now.

A message on the site reads: "Congratulations, you are a happy person who got a gift from us !!! Follow the last step by clicking on the registration button below! "REMEMBER" when you need to enter a credit card number, select the "TRIAL" option for free options, credit cards are just one oTTf the requirements for verifying your data !! This event is 100% FREE."

Clicking the register button takes you to another site, Funn-Times, which appears to be a subscription streaming site.


The Beefy Boys took to social media on May 21 to warn fans of the scam, with a number of people admitting they had fallen victim to the fake profiles.

But despite fake profile reports being submitted to Facebook, at least two profiles remain online.

Responding to reports, Facebook said they had reviewed the profiles and found that they do not go against their community standards.