BUS passengers in Hereford are facing changes to the way they pay for the fares, Yeomans Travel has announced.

Yeomans Travel, which operates several routes in Hereford, as well as its sister company Lugg Valley Travel in Leominster, have now gone contactless.

It means passengers no longer have to pay for fares by cash or Swift card.


Yeomans said passengers will be able to tell the driver the ticket type and destination they want, and then be able to present their debit or credit card, or smart phone, to make the payment.

From November 2020 Yeomans did introduce Swift top up cards.


But these had to be pre-loaded with credit.

"You can set up an account online which will help safeguard your card or you can contact us at Yeomans Travel and we can either send you a blank card out or you can call in and collect one if this is easier, plus you can always top it up here as well," a spokesperson for Yeomans said at the time.

"This will mean you no longer have to hunt around for change in the mornings or the night before and there is no expiry date, so if you are not a regular user the money stays on your Swift card and can be used as and when required."