A HEALTH board has promised it will not be closing at hospital which a councillor has described as being "extremely vital" for a town on the Herefordshire border.

Town councillor Sally Vaughan fears the future of Knighton Community Hospital, just across the border in Powys, is being compromised and is pushing the health board to answer questions from local residents.

She said it closed on March 20, 2020, and felt it appeared to be "sliding into the possibility of closure on the back of the coronavirus" as patients have not yet returned.

She wrote to Powys Health Teaching Board about the hospital in Ffrydd Road and said it was an extremely vital and important part of Knighton, and to see its future being compromised is causing alarm within the town.

"Knighton is a small rural, ageing community in Powys which relies heavily on this facility and to take it away would be a huge blow to the town," Coun Vaughan said.

"This hospital is very much loved and needed, it plays an extremely important and comforting role in the lives of so many.

"It offers our loved one's palliative, rehabilitation and general medical care, it is a great asset to our town and community and one that many if not all of our residents greatly appreciate."

Hereford Times: Coun Sally Vaughan, left, is concerned Powys Health Teaching Board will closed Knighton's hospital Coun Sally Vaughan, left, is concerned Powys Health Teaching Board will closed Knighton's hospital

She added: "Knighton should not be made to put up and shut up, we have been kept in the dark for too long and we need answers as to the future of our hospital.

"Knighton residents and the surrounding community have grave concerns for the future of our hospital, we as a town and community will not sit back and let PTHB take away another much-needed facility from our town, taking this facility away from us will be a major blow and another nail in Knighton's coffin."

The health board said it had "absolutely no plans" to close the hospital.

"Powys Teaching Health Board has absolutely no plans to close Knighton Hospital.

"The health board’s response to Covid-19 meant that we had to temporarily close the ward at the hospital last year but we are still fully committed to re-opening it as soon as we are able," it said.