A THIRD of people in Herefordshire have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, figures reveal.

NHS data shows 53,150 people had received both jabs by May 2 – 33% of those aged 16 and over, based on the latest population estimates from the Office for National Statistics.


Of those to have received both jabs, 47,305 were aged 45 and over – 46% of the age group.

It means 5,845 people aged between 16 to 44 have received both doses.

Across England, more than a quarter of people aged 16 and over have received their second vaccine dose.

It has led to a forecast from the Bank of England that the economy will grow this year at its fastest pace since the Second World War.

The Bank predicts gross domestic product (GDP) – a measure of the size of the economy – will rebound by 7.25% in 2021, up from its previous prediction of 5% and the best year of growth since official records began in 1948.

The Bank said: “New Covid cases in the United Kingdom have continued to fall, the vaccination program is proceeding apace, and restrictions on economic activity are easing.”

The NHS vaccine data also reveals variation in coverage for residents who had received at least one dose between different areas across Herefordshire.

Across Herefordshire, 67% of those aged 16 and over have had one jab.

Areas with the highest coverage:

1) Colwall, Cradley & Wellington Heath, with 78.5% of people aged 16 and over given their first dose

2) Credenhill, Weobley & Wellington, 76.3%

3) Bromyard & Bishop's Frome, 75.9%

Areas with the lowest coverage:

1) Hereford South West, 55.3%

2) Hereford Central, 55.7%

3) Hereford South, 56.1%

Across England, 12.9 million people had received a second dose of the jab by May 2 – 28% of the population aged over 16 and over.

That includes 11.1 million people aged 45 and over – 45% of the age group.

In total, 28.8 million people had received at least one dose of a vaccine by the same date, covering 63% of people over 16.

Despite the success of the rollout, many staff at care homes in Herefordshire have not been vaccinated.

The figures show 2197 out of 2560 eligible staff, including agency workers, at older adult care homes had received a first dose by May 2 – meaning 14% have not had a jab.

The Government is currently in consultation over plans to make the jab mandatory for staff over concerns for residents.