I WAS sad to read that Kite’s Nest at Swainshill, near Hereford, has been demolished.

Although I am not familiar with this particular pub, I think the loss of any is a great shame.


Pubs are part of our shared heritage.

They contribute towards community cohesion, are places where we can go to relax and escape the pressures of the world, and, of course, they provide employment to thousands.

They were already closing in the hundreds before coronavirus.

The pandemic has worsened their plight.

Although changing lifestyles are perhaps the main reason for the loss of our pubs, there are other factors too – and they can be addressed.

The companies who own so many of our pubs charge tenants unreasonably high rents.

Although attempts have been made in the past to encourage greater fairness, they are clearly not working. Tougher regulations are now needed.

The tax on alcohol served in pubs is also excessive.

It should be reduced, perhaps through more generous tax relief measures.

Time is running out.

Action is needed now before last orders is called on any more of our beloved pubs.

David Jackson


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