HEREFORDSHIRE'S Richard Hammond will be swimming, rafting and even paddle boarding down the UK's rivers as part of a new TV series.

A former host of the BBC's motoring show Top Gear, Mr Hammond lives near Ross-on-Wye. Now it has been revealed he will host More4's new series Remarkable Rivers.

Mr Hammond, from Weston-under-Penyard, will be traversing the UK to explore our remarkable rivers, from source to mouth, and the incredible people and stories that line their banks.

The new four-part series will explore the rivers Severn, Test, Clyde and Derwent sharing the historical, ecological and economic importance of each, Channel 4 said.


The series is being a co-production led by C4 Accelerator company Cardiff Productions, working with Ursus and Chimp Productions.

"Richard will get to enjoy the rivers, swimming, rafting and even paddle boarding down the route of the river, meeting the people for whom the river is a key part of their lives, either for travel, commerce, or recreation," the station said.


"The series will embrace new shooting styles and technology to give a unique perspective of each river from the riverbed and capture the abundance of British wildlife that relies on these important waterways."

Mr Hammond has hosted the Grand Tour on Amazon Prime since leaving Top Gear in 2015.