THE map which shows which area in Herefordshire has seen the most coronavirus deaths has been updated.

Despite falling infection rates through March, more deaths were recorded.

A total of 290 deaths are known to have happened across the county in all settings, and not just in hospital, up to March 31.

That was an increase of four compared to figures for the end of February, but was fewer than the 46 recorded in that month.

And now a map designed by the Office for National Statistics allows users to see how many people in their local area have died with coronavirus as the main cause - but the data only includes deaths from March 2020 to March 2021.


In March, the most recent month covered by the statistics, the four deaths were in four different areas of Herefordshire

The data looks at cases by "middle super output area', which are used in the reporting of small area statistic. There are 23 of these areas in Herefordshire, which each have an average population of 8,000.

Which parts of Herefordshire have seen the fewest coronavirus-related deaths?

Following analysis of the ONS statistics, it can be revealed that there are  areas out of the 23 in Herefordshire have reported fewer than 10 deaths from the virus between March 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021.

In brackets are the deaths which were recorded in March 2021.

  • Ledbury: 9 (0)
  • Wigmore, Orleton and Brimfield: 9 (1)
  • Hereford South West: 8 (1)
  • Kington, Eardisley and Staunton: 8 (0)
  • Leominster North: 7 (0)
  • Colwall, Cradley & Wellington Heath: 6 (0)
  • Golden Valley: 6 (0)
  • Hereford West: 6 (0)
  • Belmont, Madley and Clehonger: 5 (0)

Which areas have recorded the most deaths?

The ONS data, which includes deaths for which coronavirus was the underlying cause, shows Ross-on-Wye has still seen the most fatalities.

In total, five areas had 15 or more deaths from the virus from March 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

In brackets are the deaths which were recorded in March 2021.

  • Ross-on-Wye: 27 (1)
  • Credenhill, Weobley and Wellington: 23 (0)
  • Hereford North East: 23 (0)
  • Hereford East: 20 (0)
  • Hereford South: 18 (0)
  • Hereford Central: 15 (0)

How many areas recorded deaths from Covid-19 in March 2021?

Only four of Herefordshire's 23 areas did record coronavirus deaths last month.

  • Ross-on-Wye: 1
  • Kingstone and Kingsthorne: 1
  • Wigmore, Orleton and Brimfield: 1
  • Hereford South West: 1

How do I find out how many coronavirus-related deaths there have been in my area?

By entering your postcode into the map, you will be able to see how many coronavirus-related deaths have occurred near you.

This information was gathered using data from an interactive map produced by the Office for National Statistics.


And while the authority endeavour to be as specific as possible, there are certain instances where the data may be slightly skewed.

For example, to protect confidentiality, a small number of deaths have been reallocated between neighbouring areas.


Points on the map are placed at the centre of the local area they represent and do not show the actual location of deaths, and figures are for deaths registered rather than deaths occurring in each month.

Figures exclude death of non-residents and are based on August 2020 boundaries.

Figures are provisional, but include only deaths where Covid-19 was the underlying cause of death.

How many deaths has there been at hospitals in Herefordshire?

NHS England figures show 228 people had died in hospital at the Wye Valley NHS Trust, which runs Hereford County Hospital as of 4pm on Wednesday (April 21).

That includes two deaths recorded in March.

Daily death counts are revised each day, with each case backdated to the actual date of death.

This means some of the deaths that were first recorded in the latest period may actually have taken place days earlier.

NHS England guidance states: "Confirmation of Covid-19 diagnosis, death notification and reporting in central figures can take up to several days and the hospitals providing the data are under significant operational pressure."

Only deaths that occur in hospitals where the patient has tested positive for Covid-19 are recorded, with deaths in the community excluded, such as those in care homes.

How many people have tested positive for coronavirus in Herefordshire?

Public Health England figures show that 6,942 people had been confirmed as testing positive for Covid-19 by 9am on Wednesday (April 21) in Herefordshire, up from 6,937 the same time on Tuesday.

The health body recently changed the way it records the figures.

Cases identified through a positive lateral flow test – those which can deliver results within half an hour – will no longer be counted if the person then takes a PCR test, which is sent to a lab to be checked, and receives a negative result within three days.