BY DAY, Herefordshire’s beauty spots and scenic rural areas are enjoyed by families on a day out.

But by night, they are being used as a rendezvous spot for those who partake in ‘dogging’ which is described as the practice of watching or engaging in exhibitionist sexual activity in a public place.

These Herefordshire areas have been listed across several adult websites, with the exhibitionists rating and reviewing the spots and explaining exactly where to rendezvous to avoid public detection.

Dogging itself is not illegal, but it can be if another person sees the act.
If it causes outrage to a witness, an offence may be committed.

Most of these Herefordshire places are frequented by exhibitionists in the evening- so be wary if you are walking through them after dark.  

According to one website, the county is awash with dogging locations from Ross-on-Wye to Leominster.


You may have also enjoyed a picnic or two around here on a summer day- but you might want to rethink your picnic spot in the future.

Country park and popular walking spot by day, Herefordshire's Queenswood appears to be one of the most popular spots in the county.

"Mainly young couples but had plenty of young single females," one 'reviewer' wrote. 

"Lots of young gay cruising too, just park car and take a walk around the benches. You will see all sorts and if you need more privacy people tend to just go back to their cars."

Garrick House multi-storey car park

Do you use this busy Hereford city car park? If so, there may be more going on above your head than you realised... and you might want to avoid leaving your car on the top floor if you are going to be back late.

"People of all different ilks use the top floor of this place after 6pm, as the gates remain open throughout the whole night, meaning that people can come and go whenever they like," one person wrote.

Haugh Woods

Most Herefordians have visited Haugh Woods during the daytime to take in the views, enjoy the walks and wildlife, and share a picnic.

But at night, it seems there is a very different side to the site of scientific special interest, with people heading there for gatherings away from the city.

The top car park is a popular location for dogging meets, one person wrote.

In 2004, the woodland hit the headlines when the Hereford Times reported that a mountain biker had been left shocked and disgusted when he saw two pensioners in a compromising position in Haugh Wood.

At the time, the Forestry Commission made a complaint to the police about the actions of people using the woodland, prompting police action.

Halo Leisure Pool car park

Have you ever spotted cars gathering in this Hereford car park late at night?
According to one website, the car park is a popular venue for exhibitionists to meet. 

"Always plenty of dogging action," one adult website said.


Bromyard Downs

Overlooking the Herefordshire town of Bromyard, Bromyard Downs is a very popular spot for walkers, with acres of land to roam around, tumbledown cottages to discover, and fabulous views.

But the area of common land, famed for its rich and diverse habitats and wildlife, has a secret side... and it seems it is not just glow worms you could come across if you head there after dark.

"Pass NT Brockhampton, turn right onto Bromyard Downs, car park 140 yards on right. Can get quite busy," one dogging website claims.


Among the locations listed are a layby on the A465, six miles outside Hereford, where gatherings of up to 10 cars are reported to meet on weekends.


Set to the west of Hereford, Breinton is known to many walkers. The Wye Valley Walk, a 136 mile trail which follows the Wye from Plynlimon to Chepstow, passes through here.

But you might want to make sure you're home before dark, as the secluded Breinton Springs car park in front of Breinton church is reported to be a night-time meeting place for doggers

Westhope Common

Set between Canon Pyon and Hope Under Dinmore, Westhope Common is described as a "great place for dogging fun."

Other mentions include Yarpole and Dorstone.