A TOWN council has said a mobile coronavirus testing unit can return to a car park on the Herefordshire border, but only if there are no Portaloos on site.

Powys Teaching Health Board wanted to return to Hay-on-Wye with one of its two mobile Covid-19 testing sites, but councillors were concerned about the idea of Portaloos.

Coun Simon Morris said he was concerned about "mess" around the portable toilets, and wanted to know who would monitor the area while the testing centre was closed.


"If you're having the Portaloos there, I'm not saying it would happen, but people have been known to throw them around," Coun Morris said.

Mayor Trudy Stedman then suggested the idea that the town council gives the testing site staff access to just toilets at the main pavilion, and not the whole room like last time, an idea the council then backed.

Coun Fiona Howard raised concerns that the testing centre could be a "waste of money", understood to be due to a lack of use when it was last in Brecon Road.


Coun Stedman said that was likely down to the incorrect address being advertised by Powys Teaching Health Board, and expected that to be rectified this time.

The council decided that the testing site would have access to the toilets, but would need to give them a "deep clean" when the workers finished on site.