With regard to Mike Smith’s letter (HT, April 1), the problem here is that Herefordshire Council does not have, and desperately needs, a joined-up transport plan that deals with the through traffic and environmental issues that are increasingly important.

That is why I have put together a four-point plan, a plan which I believe will make Herefordshire a better, cleaner and greener place to live.

1. Put things back the way they were before the Herefordshire Coalition came to power: In order to move forward, we have to remember where we have come from. By putting things back to the way they were, we will begin to undo the profound damage that they have already done and provide ourselves with a starting point from which we can move forward.

2. Build the bypass: According to the council’s own figures, a bypass will reduce city traffic by seven per cent. This may not seem a lot, but it does provide a base from which we can move to the next stage.


3. Develop a dedicated Park and Ride Scheme: It is clear that a bypass will not be enough if we want to reduce city traffic still further. By developing a permanent dedicated park and ride scheme, people can get involved with the wider plan of creating a cleaner and greener Hereford.

4. Work with local businesses and groups to create a cleaner and greener Herefordshire: This is where the current council have some good ideas, but the problem is that unless you have first put in place stages 1,2 and 3, they will create “confusion and delay”.

I have put together this four point plan as a born and bred Herefordian who has heard the arguments, seen many councils of all different persuasions come and go, but none have yet understood the need for a plan such as this. This isn’t about right or left, this is about what’s best for Herefordshire. I therefore urge the council to seriously look at this, because if they won’t, then the electorate will vote for a council that will. The choice is theirs.

James Gould


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