The Bishop’s words under ‘Too many toxic images’ (Opinion, Hereford Times, March 25) helped me clarify my distress about how we build healthy relationships and emotional maturity.

We live in a society that takes sex out of context and feelings are trivialised. ‘Amazing’ is commonplace and reporters’ questions stop only on a response of tears.

Digital ‘hits’ on sensation count more than probing into causes.

Yet socialisation depends on our contact with people.

Facts need context and making sense of them is a personal judgement.

Those who turn personal loss into charity for others are evidence that good deeds triumph over evil ones.


I welcome those who speak out for society wellbeing – caring for people and the environment.

This time of great upheaval is an opportunity for a better way of life.

The complexities of today need a wider view and and I was glad to hear Lord Hennessy, cross-bench peer and constitutional historian (BBC 4 World at One, March 16) addressing the social priorities the budget omitted.

If we are to build a better Britain, we need Parliament to recognise the unmet needs of those at the base of our society. I would like proper discussion about how to recognise the worth of every child and what is needed to build a caring community. Understanding of others’ pain and point of view should be the start.

I have great hope in Herefordshire. Wellbeing scores highly and its social cohesion has elected a coalition council. I welcome the initiatives to set up talk hubs, the recognition of our market towns and rural community. Local media and community organisations enable participation to gain consent and joint responsibility.

Coming together to build a sustainable future is more satisfying than a quick release of frustration.

Barbara Ferris


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