FIREFIGHTERS were called on to extinguish a 200m blaze near Presteigne.

Crews from Presteigne, Knighton, Hereford and Worcester went to open land near Burlingjobb on Thursday to tackle the fire shortly after midday.

A spokesman for Presteigne Fire Station said: "17L1 mobilised to a co-responder call in the local area along with a crew from the Welsh Ambulance Service.

"Crewed by T/CM Williams and FF Barden. 17P1 mobilised to a fire in the open near Burlingjob. Crews arrived to a 200m fire front well alight.

"WM Weale requested from 17L1 once finished on co-responder call, Hereford and Worcester major pump from Kington and 08P1 Knighton. Crews used Beaters and Nap Sacks to control/extinguish."