THE NHS has revealed more than 100,000 people in Herefordshire have been given their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

NHS England figures also revealed the number of people in Herefordshire's 23 middle super output areas who have received at least one dose.

The areas have an average population of 8,000, and across the county 102,417 people have now had at least one dose. The figures cover up to March 28.

Overall in Herefordshire, 5,757 first doses were given in the seven days to March 28, more than 4,000 less than the week before when 10,042 received their first dose.

A second dose of the vaccine is given 12 weeks after the first, with this the focus of the NHS as vaccine supply dips in April.

More than 5,000 people have been vaccinated in seven different areas of Herefordshire. They are:

  • Shobdon, Luston and Bodenham: 5,465
  • Bromyard and Bishop's Frome: 6,579
  • Credenhill, Weobley and Wellington: 5,684
  • Ledbury: 5,426
  • Kingstone and Kingsthorne: 5,932
  • Ross-on-Wye: 6,028
  • Penyard, Llangarron and Goodrich: 6,431

NHS data shows that 53 per cent of all people in Herefordshire, according to the latest population estimates from the Office for National Statistics, have had one one dose.

More than 50 per cent of people in these areas of Herefordshire have had at least their first jab:

  • Wigmore, Orleton and Brimfield: 57 per cent
  • Leominster North: 49 per cent
  • Leominster South: 57 per cent
  • Shobdon, Luston and Bodenham: 61 per cent
  • Bromyard and Bishop's Frome: 61 per cent
  • Kington, Eardisley and Staunton: 55 per cent
  • Credenhill, Weobley and Wellington: 59 per cent
  • Lugwardine, Withington and Moreton on Lugg: 52 per cent
  • Colwall, Cradley and Wellington Heath: 63 per cent
  • Hereford North West: 50 per cent
  • Hereford North East: 56 per cent
  • Hereford East: 56 per cent
  • Belmont, Madley and Clehonger: 51 per cent
  • Fownhope, Tarrington and Marcle: 57 per cent
  • Ledbury: 54 per cent
  • Golden Valley: 53 per cent
  • Kingstone and Kingsthorne: 53 per cent
  • Ross-on-Wye: 53 per cent
  • Penyard, Llangarron and Goodrich: 53 per cent

The only areas not to have vaccinated at least 50 per cent of the estimated population are:

  • Hereford Central: 45 per cent
  • Hereford West: 47 per cent
  • Hereford South: 42 per cent
  • Hereford South West: 40 per cent

The reason for this could be a higher percentage of young people, as the NHS is vaccinating people in order of age, as well as those deemed to be vulnerable and people working in health and social care.