Great news that motorists face fines of £120 for dropping litter! But who will fine Herefordshire County contractors who shred the existing rubbish into a zillion pieces when grass cutting the Ross roads and all the way to Monmouth every summer.

An area of outstanding natural beauty. Amazing to see one empty crisp packet shredded into so many pieces and then blown about. Everyone sees this mess.

Clean up the rubbish first! I guess that is a bit too obvious? It will be interesting to see the statistics of how many people get prosecuted for depositing rubbish throughout the county?

I don’t expect county councillors to do much about it but maybe they could declare a rubbish emergency – to help clear this counties portion of the 30 million tons of rubbish dumped on our UK roads each year. I guess the council’s solution will be to give school children orange jackets and dustbin bags. Oh dear – let’s wait and see what happens this summer as it has for the last decade.

Not much will happen unless they find this rubbish is depleting the ozone layer!

Doug Skeggs

Weston under Penyard