CHANTS of 'kill the bill' rang through the streets of Hereford today as protesters took to the city centre to demonstrate against the proposed new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

The group of about 150 protesters set off from the Cathedral Close just after midday, marching to the Hereford Bull in High Town, where protesters were invited to share their views with the crowd by megaphone.

Organiser Holly Miles had said before the protest that there would be no violence or vandalism, and that today was about peaceful protest.

And unlike the events in Bristol earlier this month, where 'Kill the Bill' protests descended into violence, Hereford's protest was indeed peaceful, if noisy at times.

While chants of 'kill the bill' and anti-Boris Johnson shouts echoed across High Town, the only visible disagreement on the day was over face masks, with masked protesters challenging another member of the public over their lack of a face mask.


The unmasked man insisted he had already had coronavirus and so did not need to wear a face covering, a claim disputed by protesters.

A placard carried by another protester drew criticism from a passer-by, who proclaimed the slogan 'Ugly Patel' was not very nice.

Protesters then moved on to Hereford and South Herefordshire MP Jesse Norman's office in Broad Street, where placards were placed in the doorway and they called on the MP, who is not believed to have been in his office at the time, to come out.