A POPULAR riverside venue in Hereford will not be using "Covid passports" when it reopens next month because its customers did not think it was a good idea.

The Left Bank Village asked its customers if it should reserve an area for guests who had had the coronavirus jab, saying it could make the more vulnerable groups feel more comfortable.

But despite some backing the idea, the Left Bank said it would not be putting Covid passports in place when it reopens on April 12.

Boris Johnson has suggested it could be rolled out across the country, but recent reports suggest this might not happen, and if it does, would be after everyone has been offered a jab.

For now, the Left Bank said it would continue to make the venue, which includes De Koffie Pot, as safe as possible.


After taking feedback on board, the business said: "We appreciate all perspectives and our priority will continue to be to try to create as safe an environment as is possible where our patrons can enjoy themselves.

"Our decision, based on your response is that the science and public opinion isn’t strong enough for vaccine passports in venues at this time.

"Upon re-opening, Covid government guidance and legislation will be adhered to and we wish to emphasize the importance of following these rules, to protect staff and guests alike."

It comes after bosses said all staff working at the site near Hereford's Old Bridge would be tested for coronavirus every day.