I'd like to give a vote of confidence to the young people who have returned to Hereford Colleges in the last couple of weeks to carry on with their studies.

The pandemic has taken its toll on the young in specific ways – from isolation from friends at a time of life when peer support means so much to disrupted education and missed rites of passage.


It's a big relief that these young people are sticking it out with their educations - it is they that will be shouldering the burden of the financial consequences of Covid in years to come.

This is also a plea for a slightly more generous spirit towards them – on the part of the residents of Hereford and the police.

If you see young people in the park between lessons or on their way to or from the shops, please remember that they are voluntarily testing themselves for Covid several times a week, wearing masks more than many adults and missing out on normal social times.

I am quite sure a smile will encourage them to keep to the rules far more than a scowl.

Jenny Jones