COUNTY planners have approved proposals for a farm track in a village near Hereford despite strong opposition from local people.

Applicant Rachel Leake asked Herefordshire Council for permission to improve an existing field access and build a farm track on land next to Duke Street in Withington.

But Withington Group Parish Council and more than 20 residents objected to the scheme.

They are concerned that the plans pose a danger to drivers and pedestrians.

“The increased use of the field access would endanger vehicular and pedestrian safety on this residential section of Duke Street at a sharp bend, where there is no pavement and the pedestrian entrance to Withington Primary School is just to the south,” a parish council statement read.


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However, planning officers recommended approving the scheme subject to conditions.

Councillor Polly Andrews said she supported approving the scheme.

“It’s not a major highway and I don’t know how many vehicles use it or are proposed to use it,” she said.

“But surely it can only be in single figures during the course of the day.”

Councillor Sebastian Bowen proposed approving the plans and this was seconded by councillor Paul Rone.

The committee approved the proposals by 11 votes to two.