Hereford’s Town Fund is a leftist, idealogical dream. 

It has no real benefit for the Hereford I know, just a hyperbole of the current new thinking.


£44 million spent like this will not bring back Hereford’s pedestrian flow, will not secure it for the future, it risks cutting it off due to alienating any investment due to the green investment they would have to make and heavy council involvement. 

Herefordshire council has an abysmal record, and today I could quote a litany of problems due to lack of council doing their job. Apart from Hereford, the other towns are literally falling apart through lack of servicing and thoughtful common sense help. 

Yes it would take a lot of money to ensure Hereford for the future but an awful lot has been spent already, or should I say wasted, again too numerous to be mentioned but the recent buying the freehold at a massive price when they already own a long leasehold was stupid at the least.

The real issue to my mind is why so much effort, money, time is put into Hereford, but not into the rest of the county. We have donkeys instead of thoroughbreds for councillors I'm afraid. 

Ian Gaskin


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