I would like to heartily endorse Veronica Wakefield's letter (HT, March 4) - Herefordshire's litter-strewn verges are a disgrace - concerning the amount of litter along all roads in the County: the situation really is appalling and depressing and nothing seems to be done about it from one end of the year to the other.    

Following the Council's decision to abandon the Hereford by-pass, perhaps they could now put more money into doing something about the litter problem? And are they putting enough regular pressure on the Highways Agency about the huge amounts of litter along all trunk roads? They, as well as the County Council have a statutory duty to clear litter from the roadsides.

Perhaps the Council could also now find some money to undertake some repair work to so many of the pot-hole ridden and crumbling roads in the county.  

Herefordshire is, in many respects, beginning to resemble a Third World country.

James Gale


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