Have decades of the now seemingly fruitless Hereford bypass planning been a complete waste of time, money and lost opportunity?

Hang on, we could now turn this into a triumph: 'Here(fordshire) you can' apply for inclusion into the Guinness Book of World Records in the new category: 'Length of procrastination in urban road bypass planning'!

But wait, there may still be hope: there is the possibility of a sensibly proposed eastern link, with new Wye bridge crossing, connecting Rotherwas to the Hereford-Ledbury Road.

But could this be part of a 'cunning plan': a future Phase 2 eventually to extend this further to link to the Hereford-Worcester and Hereford- Bromyard Roads which would also link to the Roman Road and the A49: largely the originally proposed eastern bypass?

However, it has been stated, regarding such routes (HT 11/02/21) '... we are absolutely determined we are not going across the Lugg flats (Site of Special Scientific Interest) which ... prevented progression of an eastern crossing, in the past.'

With Boris Johnson leading those with his stated acute aversion to the 'newt counting' brigade such opposition could be easily circumvented.

I feel we are still left in a somewhat continuing 'circular' scenario, in concept if not tarmac!

Richard Bradbury

Much Cowarne

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