THERE are plans to build up to nine homes at South Herefordshire Hunt Kennels.

Charles O’Conner has asked Herefordshire Council for permission to establish the principle of developing a two to nine self-build houses on of the field off Tump Lane in Wormelow.

The site extends over an acre of a field and is rectangular and access to it would be gained off Tump Lane which has a pedestrian footway along it.

Consultants working on the scheme say self-build houses provides a route into home ownership for people and groups who want to play a role in developing their own homes.

They also say there is a need for homes in the county due to the under-supply of housing.


“The development of the site would accord with the existing settlement pattern of the village and round off development in this location, this would allow it to assimilate well with the existing residential built form in terms of both land use and development density,” the planning statement reads.

“Due to the unconstrained nature of the site, there are also no adverse impacts which would outweigh the benefits of housing provision in this instance.”

Residents have until March 17 to comment on the proposals while the council is expected to consider the scheme by March 29.