A COUNCIL has slammed irresponsible dog owners for not picking up after their pets, despite poo bins around the town.

Hay-on-Wye Town Council shared a picture on social media of one of its four poo bins in the border town, but with dog mess in front of it.

The bins, which a worth £997 according to council accounts, have more than 2.5 tonnes of poo put in them every year, which the council says shows a lot of people do use them.

But that doesn't stop some people from failing to pick up after their dogs, which is a criminal offence.

"Really disappointed to see this today after the council invested in the dog poo bins," the council said.

"Over 2.5 tonnes of poo removed from these bins annually, so a lot of people are using them but still some irresponsible dog walkers not picking up."

Powys County Council warns it is an offence to let a dog in your control foul on designated land, if you don't clean up immediately afterwards.

Designated land includes pavements, verges next to roads with a speed limit of 40 mph or lower, all publicly-owned land accessible to the public in towns and villages, and public footpaths and bridleways where no fouling signs are displayed

It is also an offence in playing fields, parks, playgrounds, recreation grounds, holiday camps, caravan sites, car parks, picnic sites, churchyards and cemeteries, as well as all play, recreation and picnic areas at pubs and hotels.

If a dog has fouled in these areas, the council may issue a fixed penalty notice or begin a prosecution.

"Always carry a plastic bag to pick up the mess as soon as your dog has fouled and put it in the nearest dog waste or litter bin," the council said

"If there are no bins nearby, please take the waste home and dispose of it safely there."