THERE are plans to convert old barns into holiday lets in a village near the Welsh border.

Mr & Mrs Kirk have asked Herefordshire Council for permission to redevelop the redundant agricultural buildings on land at Lower Skenchill, Llanrothal Road in Llanrothal.

Their proposals include converting three existing barns to holiday lets and extending one of them, removing an existing Dutch barn and constructing a storage building.

The scheme also seeks permission to create a parking area and for landscaping and drainage.

Architects working on the proposals say they comply with planning regulations.

“The proposal represents the optimal viable re-use of the buildings, which for their long-term conservation require intervention and a financially sustainable end use,” the design and access statement reads.

“The proposal would give rise to benefits associated with the buildings’ retention as key components of the rural landscape and diversification of the rural economy, underpinning jobs in the locality.

“The proposals ensure a high-quality, architect-led and low-carbon development that will not only ensure the farmstead’s conservation but net gains for biodiversity through attendant habitat creation.”

Residents have until March 18 to comment on the proposals which council planners are expected to consider by April 6.