HEREFORD’S youngsters might not be able to remember a time when cars could freely travel through the city centre, but this picture has stirred memories for some.

It shows the road past the black- and-white house in the city centre, with two cars parked up, thought to be taken in the 1960s before pedestrianisation.

Discussing the picture in the We Grew Up in Hereford Facebook group, which now has 9,000 members, Margaret Bray said: “This is how I remember my home town, so sad that it’s no longer like this now."

John Laurence Compton added: “Halfords in the background, my dad worked there in the mid-50s.”

The road markings left some intrigued as to the route the roads took.

Answering a couple of bewildered members, Simon Burnett said: “South went down High Street and Broad Street to the Old Bridge.

“West went down Widemarsh Street to the market.

“North and east was the other side of the Old House and took you to Commercial Square.”


Archives at Herefordshire Council confirm the process of the city centre becoming pedestrianised.

Documents said: “Eign Street was the first road to become fully pedestrianised in August 1970, following consultation with local business owners.

"Church Street soon followed suit, with attentions then turned to High Town.

"An inquiry was launched leading to an experimental prohibition of through traffic by May 1972, which was followed by a completed ban by 1974.”

More than a decade later St Peter’s Street and Commercial Street were pedestrianised.