A MINERAL water company on the Herefordshire border is planning to extend its premises as it "thrives and prospers".

Radnor Hills Water Company, near Knighton, is bidding to extend its existing warehouse at Heartsease Farm to provide additional storage and distributions facilities.

An agent acting on Radnor Hills’ behalf said in a application to Powys Council: “Radnor Hills Water Company Ltd business continues to thrive and prosper, now employing approximately 200 people, providing much needed rural employment.

“It is one of Powys county and Wales’ great business success stories.

"Due to its continuing growth, Radnor Hills requires additional storage and distribution facilities, that can be achieved by this proposed construction of an additional bay to the existing warehouse."


“The new bay will measure 30m x 96m, adjoining the existing warehouse, constructed in the same materials.

"This will use the existing highway access and internal roads and yards/loading areas, and will have minimal landscape impact as it will be seen as part of the existing group of buildings.”

Local county councillor Ange Williams supports the application and Knighton Town Council has no objections to the plans from the company, which also makes some soft drinks.