It appears that the Government’s efforts to stem the spread of South African and other more-virulent strains of the coronavirus are failing.

BBC reports indicates that there are no known links between those now affected and any of their regular contacts in several counties with higher population densities than Herefordshire. 

This state of affairs suggests that the sources are probably incoming, which would support the current policy of quarantining anyone coming into or returning to the UK.

However, with a much firmer and more effective effort to stop illegal immigration, that policy is almost bound to fail, as we are now witnessing.

We must redouble our efforts to stop illegal immigration.

Those who get into the country undetected are most likely go to densely populated areas and ‘disappear’ within sympathetic communities.  

To be consistent the Government must stop bringing any illegal immigrants apprehended en route across the Channel or North Sea (or even the Irish Sea) into this country and return them without exception to their points of departure from the EU/Continent forthwith. 

Only in this manner will the incentive to make illegal attempts to enter the UK be effectively deterred.

Kalvin Haley

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