During lockdown there has been an alarming rise in people who deem it necessary to feed horses all manner of food as they pass by on their walk.

Whilst I believe this is purely through kind-hearted reasons, I implore anyone who has done this to stop.

Too many horses are dying because they’re being fed poisonous or dangerous food because people think they’re underfed, or being kept on sparse pasture. Horses are as much a part of the family as dogs or cats. Losing them is heartbreaking.


Elderly pony is save by vets after being overfed by walkers

Folk who feed horses from over the fence usually have no clue what is and what isn’t harmful, nor the medical or dietary requirements of the horse. One carrot per walker can be up to 20+carrots a day.

You wouldn’t want a stranger feeding your dog chocolate, so please respect the wish of the horse owners, and do not feed animals that aren’t yours.

Katie Pothecary


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