MORE than 30 objections have been lodged against plans to knock down farmyard barns near Hereford and replace them with a shop, cafe, offices and parking for up to 60 cars.

Hereford Community Farm. which rents space at Warham Court Farm in Breinton, said it would be under threat if Herefordshire Council approves the development plans.

Local residents have hit out at the plans, with the majority of objections saying the narrow country lane is not suitable for such a development and resulting traffic increase.

The application submitted to Herefordshire Council outlines Kevin Hammett's plans to demolition the existing barns and replace with similar-size buildings to host the commercial ventures.

The community farm, which rents land and buildings at the site to deliver therapeutic activities to aid health and wellbeing, said it would have to find a new home if the development went ahead.

But in a letter to the Hereford Times last week, Mr Hammett said he had been "working together with the management of the community farm in order to facilitate improvements which will allow the community farm to operate from a single, larger five-acre site" on the farm.


Community farm director Julie Milsom said in her objection to Herefordshire Council: "The responses to the planning application have highlighted the depth of feeling towards the work of Hereford Community Farm and we have been moved by the many considered comments and strength of feeling where people have voiced their concerns for our future.

"The planning application proposal submitted by Mr Hammett’s business partner Mrs McMinn represents a commercial diversification of the former farm buildings and the outcome will be decided on its own merits and Hereford Community Farm is neutral in response to the application.

"However the proposal does require Hereford Community Farm to vacate current premises – the mobile classrooms identified on the existing site plan which are removed to provide space for additional car parking and also the ‘tin barn’ which runs parallel to Warham Lane and is currently used as our Green Woodwork workshop (shown as part of the Courtyard development demolished to be replaced by the new building).

Planning documents said the development at Warham Court Farms, Broomy Hill, "should have a positive impact on the surrounding character and amenity of the surrounding area".

"The proposed buildings, being in a traditional style, are an improvement on the current structures," the application added.

"The use of the buildings as a shop and café will also enable the farmhouse to be experienced by more people."

Hereford Times: Wareham Court Farm in Broomy Hill, where plans have been submitted to Herefordshire Council to replace barns with a cafe, shop and offices. Picture: Google Wareham Court Farm in Broomy Hill, where plans have been submitted to Herefordshire Council to replace barns with a cafe, shop and offices. Picture: Google

But in one of the 35 objections sent to planners at Herefordshire Council, Alison Davis said: "These lanes are in daily use by the residents of the locality and those in the St Nicholas ward of the city, and not just by car.

"Residents in this part of Hereford very frequently and regularly use these lanes for walking, dog walking, running and cycling.

"It is our access to the countryside. Extra traffic, including lorries delivering produce to the farm shop, would make it totally unsafe for us on foot or on bikes.

"The increased volume of traffic that such a development would generate, would soon clog up these lanes for local car driving residents as there are so many stretches of road where it is impossible for two cars to pass each other."

In the one representation in support of the development, Andria Lewis, of Broomy Hill, said: "I have visited the community farm on occasions and thoroughly support their work. Will the plans impact on the farm's work?

"I would value a farm shop and cafe so near to home. The recent increase in pedestrian traffic due to Covid restrictions highlights the busyness of this route and I would suggest more 'pull-ins' for traffic should anticipated extra volume impact on all users of the space."

Consultation on application 204242 has closed, with a decision expected after March 1.

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