I SHOULD really like to see some balanced reporting from the Hereford Times with respect to coronavirus.

Along with most of the Press, the paper seems intent on being an uncritical mouthpiece for government propaganda.

While coronavirus is an important national concern, so is the future for those people who will have to live long-term with the collateral damage resulting from the heavy handed measures taken by the government.

Fighting coronavirus has become the new orthodox religion which tolerates no dissent.

Questions should be being asked as to whether the measures taken by the Government are doing more harm than good.

It is not justifiable to constantly ratchet up an unreasonable fear just to achieve compliance.

“The first casualty when war comes is truth”– Hiram W Johnson, is a quote that comes to mind, and this virus is very much less threatening than war for most of the population.

For truth to be known there needs to be a dialogue, a balanced and adult conversation rather than hysteria.

Simon Stokes

Editor's note: The priority of the Hereford Times is to publish trusted news and information that keeps people safe.

We give a platform on this page and online for people who wish to question government policy within reason, but we will not lend credibility to some of the dangerously outlandish theories in circulation by publishing them.