When I moved to our Mill House in 1975 from London I was told by an elderly neighbour that our house had flooded every year prior to the Second World War and they used to ceremoniously take the piano upstairs in the knowledge that this would happen.

She told me that a River Wye/Lugg maintenance team was established and worked all the rivers in the area resulting in ongoing river maintenance that controlled the problem.

By chance whilst out walking the other day I met a man who was part of these teams for 30 years.

He told me they worked the river removing trees that had fallen and worked with the farming community to ensure streams and culverts were dredged all year round.

He told me that in 1986 this was disbanded and the necessary equipment required to do the work sold.

Ten years later in 1996 a tree blocked Aymestrey Bridge and we suffered our first flood.

We were severely flooded last February and last week suffered a near miss and know that large trees need removing from the river above us.

This ‘general river maintenance’ needs to be re-established to save Herefordshire homes and businesses.

Chrissie Lawson

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