In response to David Glasper’s letter last week suggesting that Hereford Community Farm is under threat, we make the following observations: There has been no suggestion of closure on our part.

We have been working together with the management of the community farm in order to facilitate improvements which will allow the community farm to operate from a single, larger five-acre site on our farm.

The current layout of the community farm in two parts necessitates residents crossing the busy farm entrance and at times entering the lane.

This could be made much safer by amalgamating the two parts of the site.

The larger site will also facilitate post Covid changes which will need to be put into place, such as smaller group class rooms.

We understand the importance of, and fully support, the community farm project and all it stands for, and wish to continue to provide a home for all the people who need it.

Kevin Hammett
Warham Court Farm

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