TWO otters have been spotted in the river Lugg at Leominster.

Virginie Alexandra Jacquet shot this extraordinary video on her mobile phone.

She says she saw the two otters from the bridge in Bridge Street.

"I was crossing the bridge and something caught my attention," she said.

"I grabbed my phone really quickly and saw two otters.

"Sadly, I could only capture one with my phone.

"It was the very first time for me to see them in the wild."

The otter is a large member of the weasel family that can reach nearly a metre in length and weigh up to 12 kilograms.

Their numbers suffered catastrophic declines in the 1950s and 1960s.

But the Wildlife Countryside Act (1981) banned their persecution and efforts were made to improve the water quality of rivers.

Now, as populations recover, otters have been spotted in more and more urban centres across the country, including large cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and London.