A BINMAN who lost his job after being caught on CCTV kicking over a child's snowman has refused to apologise - branding the boy's parents "snowflakes".

Three-year-old Joseph Taylor was left in floods of tears after watching the worker boot the head off his 7ft-tall creation with a Bruce Lee-style kick.

The youngster and his six-year-old sister Amelia and their friends had built the snowman outside their homes last Sunday.


On Tuesday, Joseph was watching the binmen collect the rubbish from his home in Tupsley, Hereford, but cried out when he saw it attacked.

The family’s security cameras captured the binman - wearing an orange boiler suit - take a run-up before kicking the snowman in the head in Hampton Rise.

He then continued to empty the green wheelie bins with two colleagues before turning back to the snowman where he launched a flurry of kicks sending it toppling over.

The binman has since taken to social media to defend himself and bizarrely compared the row to the coronavirus pandemic.


In a rambling Facebook post, he wrote: "Yes I kicked the snowman. No it doesn't have feelings.

"Yes the people who made it (kids) have young feelings. Let's look at the bigger problem in this wold Covid-19 people have feelings about this.

"People are dropping dead by a virus. Think of it like this, that snowman wouldn't be there tomorrow, any feelings then?...no.

"I understand people made this snowman but it's gonna melt anyhow.

"I don’t understand why this has came to this."

When asked on Facebook if he would say people who were criticising him were "snowflakes" he replied: "Yes I do totally, out of this world."