THERE are plans to demolish eight bungalows in Hereford and replace them with nine new homes.

Connexus wants to redevelop its properties on Chestnut Grove and Pine Drive which were designed to be temporary structures as part of a temporary housing scheme after World War Two.

They were designed with a life expectancy of 10 to 20 years but are now around 70 years old.

Connexus say they are no longer suitable for modern living especially for people who need wheelchair.

Their new designs include seven affordable rent two-bedroom bungalows, one single bedroom and a shared-ownership three-bedroom home.


The scheme includes 17 parking spaces and cycle and bin storage.

Consultants working on the plans say the homes will have a traditional design and reflect the style of other homes in the area.

“Over the last 25 years, the properties have undergone a significant internal and external refurbishment works to attempt to expand their lifespan.

“However, the timber floors are rotting, components are due for replacement, (heating, wiring, kitchens, bathroom etc), they have poor thermal insulation and there is structural flexing within the properties due to their age and poor construction.

“They are also costly for residents to run and costly to maintain.”

People have until February 18 to comment on the proposals.