Mr Gorst and Ms Harvey’s letter in the Hereford Times, January 14 are both, in part, correct in their assertions.

The former, that traffic is held up in Hereford; that the fumes are unhealthy; and that people are being discouraged from coming into the city with the detrimental effects on business.

The latter, that some attention is urgently needed to bring a more green agenda to our city; bike provision; electric buses and better provision for walkers.


One supports the provision of a long overdue bypass, the other does not.

Surely we need both?

As one who lived in Ludlow when its bypass was opened and saw the huge benefits to town and business and now observe how it has melded into the landscape with verges providing wildlife habitats that would not otherwise be present I have to join Mr Gorst in pressuring the council to get on with the bypass that has been talked about for very many years.

However, I would also want to support the idea of a greening policy but ... we have to remember that not everyone can take advantage of buses.

Many villages are not on bus routes into the city; nor can all of us walk or cycle – my wife and I are prevented through disability.

Coming into the city to shop from the rural hinterland necessitates car travel : you can’t get much grocery on a bike or a bus, even if you can pedal or ride to Bodenham!


I don't expect Hereford will ever see a bypass

Abandoning the bypass is the right idea for Hereford

I despair of the money wasted on the bypass

Perhaps too the provision of more, not fewer, disabled spaces would also help the city’s economy.

If there is to be a fully integrated transport policy for the city it requires attention to as many sections of the community as possible, not just to any vocal minority, no matter how well motivated it may be.

Rev David Hewlett
Upper Maund

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