Hereford Community Farm provides a wonderful facility for adults with learning disabilities.

This facility is now under threat because its landlord wants to turn it into a commercial venture (farm shop, cafe, offices and parking for 60 cars).

This is an outrage, and I call on the council to either oppose or provide new facilities for Hereford Community Farm so they can continue to provide this essential service to the community.

My wife (who has special needs/learning disabilities) attends Hereford Community Farm.

It provides her with wonderful support, friends and learning skills.

Hereford Community Farm is a tenant of Wareham Farm, yet they have been kept in the dark over this proposed venture by the owner, which will leave them without a premise to support Adults with Learning Disabilities.

Hereford Community Farm is a long established wonderful project which is certainly needed in Hereford.

I will also add that Herefordshire Council relies on the services that Hereford Community Farm provide and they must be protected.

David Glasper

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