In response to a letter on Hereford’s downward spiral, I live in Northumberland where we have suffered since the demise of heavy industries.

Our infrastructure was never updated to enable us to get on an even playing field, subsequently our communities have died and our high streets are full of charity shops.

I’ve seen the south receive huge grants to upgrade dual carriageways to motorways and motorways widened whilst we still have a single carriageway linking us to Scotland.

I feel the pain and misery coming from Hereford but in my eyes it has only been a question of time. Thatcher’s Britain doesn’t work, it doesn’t look after communities and it definitely has no family values.

If Hereford is on the same pathway as the north east of England my advice would be dig in deep and prepare yourselves for a very bleak future of more and more budget cuts and fewer and fewer public services.

We’ve been on a downward spiral since the 80s with no end in sight.

Ronald Brown

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