With reference to Peter Roger’s list of Brexit betrayed promises and specifically one: annexation of Northern Ireland into the EU, a North Sea border and effect on UK trade.

Bill Wiggin disagrees with the term annexation, acknowledging the deal necessary for an open Eire border and thinks we can make it work.

This comment speaks volumes defining any lack of political or economic forethought.

Meanwhile, businesses pick up the pieces and suffer the consequences.

As a local SME, having built a trade base in Belfast representing a 10-20 per cent of turnover, this is now dropping dramatically while customers avoid new UK red tape.

We must provide crop health certificates if ‘exporting’ citrus into UK Belfast. EU growers are not yet required to produce certificates when exporting into the UK.

The certificates do not exist and we cannot supply them or supply fruit!

Teething problems? Suppliers tell me more UK red tape kicks in in April.

Customers will source from Eire, forging links with the EU, pressurising UK businesses to abandon markets.

This could have consequences on the political direction Northern Ireland travels post any independence referendum in Scotland.

How can Bill Wiggin assert Boris’s deal has given us everything we wanted?

Lipstick on a pig? Or polishing what comes out the other end, Bill (quoting Boris)?

Steve Tomkins


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