A TOWN in north Herefordshire is hoping to have different and more colourful Christmas lights in 2021.

One town councillor said he would wanted to reimagine the festive display in Kington, which he hoped would attract more people to the shops, restaurants and cafes in December.

Coun Richard Banks told Monday's full council meeting he'd heard people say "the Christmas lights were a little sad".

"Not only that, but also a number of constructive comments from people about whether we are really approaching the whole business of the lights correctly, in the best possible way," he added.

"We're budgeting £6,000 next financial year, and if you put that over 10 years, that's £60,000 spent on Christmas lights.

"I feel we can do better.

"I'm not entirely sure what or how, but what I thought we should do is have a task and finish group to explore options for revitalising the Christmas illuminations, let's not just call them lights as there are other options such as projections and LEDs, about which I know nothing.

"I know what a projector is, I know what an LED is, but I have no idea of the feasibility."

Coun Banks will lead a group to explore the options and report back the council.